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  • The prospects are not calling and the orders are dropping off?
  • The recruits are not duplicating and the products are sitting on the shelf untouched and unsold?
  • The bills are piling up and the cash is dwindling down?
  • You need to grow faster and you need more profit?
  • You need to advertise affordably and effectively?


    • Affordable advertising
    • Phone Skills (no more phone fear)
    • Inviting Techniques that stop sending the prospects away
    • Sales Tips for Selling Products
    • Goal Setting AND Achieving


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Item: 48 Proven Ads You Can Use to Promote your MLM Business and Generate 100s of Leads

48 ads cover 2Description: This ebook gives you 48 actual advertisements that Tim used to advertise in any kind of print media (mainly newspaper, but also flyers, door hangers, faxes, etc.) The ads can be used for any type of online promotion as well as newspapers, etc.

These ads are the outcome of spending thousands and thousands on ads and testing to see what words or series of words would get people into action. 48 powerful ads also includes ways to use them. This will help to generate leads for your MLM business so that you can build a huge organization in Network Marketing and make a lot of money working part-time.

If you are currently juggling your life, a job, and a network marketing business, I know your struggles. I also know how to get you out of it. People aren’t natural born copywriters and they often don’t know what to say in their advertising … nor do they know how to advertise for their business. This ebook shows you how.

Format: ebook

Price: $11.95

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Item: Product Sales Tips
product sales tipsDescription: Everyone’s interested in more product sales, but not everyone in network marketing has figured out how to successfully lead with their product and generate abundant sales and plenty of income.Get the secrets I used to leap to the top of my company’s compensation plan, while I simultaneously built my downline to 56,000.

Format: Streaming

Price: $9.95

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Item: Non Fluff Goal Training
non fluff goal trainingDescription: Forget “goal-setting”, instead learn goal-achieving!Never again experience the guilt of failing to achieve your goals!

In this audio training learn my four-step formula for successful goal development and achievement.

Get the things you want most in life from your MLM business starting right now.

Format: Download

Price: $11.00


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Item: Professional Inviter Online Module #1

pro inviter module 1Description: We’ve never done this before! Now you can buy the first module of Pro Inviter – Our flagship Training Program that has helped tens of thousands of network marketers succeed!

I teach you why learning how to invite your prospect in a professional way gives you intense pride in your business. It also ensures your prospect enjoys the experience too. You’ll learn your advantage over other competing networkers the moment you learn how to invite like a pro.

I also reveal the dire consequence for any networker who can’t invite well. There’s nothing worse than when a new networker gets their fire extinguished by a buck of cold water!

Do you know the powerful job description of a professional network marketer? It’s probably not what you think . . . and it’s almost impossible to build true passive income unless you live by its creed.

Format: Streaming

Price: $21.50


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Item: Conquer Phone Fear: How to Get Your Team Over Call Reluctance

conquer phone fearDescription: It goes without saying that if the fear of picking up the phone and calling leads and prospects stops you or the people in your downline from making calls, then none of you will make much money.

Learn how to conquer the fear and get valuable scripts, tips, and drills to master . Get some of the most effective tips for overcoming objections. Learn phrases to avoid and phrases to adopt.

Learn Team Calling techniques and Role Playing to master a rough spot. Get yourself or your Team excited and confident on the phone and watch the money start to roll on in!

Format: ebook

Price: $11.95

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“This is a heartfelt thank you for Professional Inviter. I develop more as a network marketer and as a person each time I listen. Thank you very much, you’ve added a depth to my life and the people I share the world with.” – D.K.

“I can honestly say because of your way to simplify the recruiting process, my business has exploded!… Thank you for doing what you do.” – J.C.

“Thanks Tim, I just got the online presentation and have already sponsored two people this week with it. Thanks for all you do for the industry.”- Byron Spinney

“Since using the Online version of Brilliant Compensation, we have nearly tripled the amount of people who have joined us. Thank you very much Tim’- Bert Jenson

“I’ve got to tell you that you may have single handedly saved my Network Marketing career.”- D.M.

‘I began using the ‘Brilliant Compensation’ online movie almost a year ago and my results have truly been unbelievable. I was just named a top sponsor in my company last week, so I know it’s working. The beauty of using this system is that I no longer have to overcome the objection of Network Marketing. This NEVER even comes up!’- Jackie Ulmer

‘Tim, you’re the first person ever to teach us how to listen to what our prospects want and need; then communicate our business in such a way that those wants and needs are fulfilled. The benefits have been immediate.’- J.A.